• Dwnload The Library!

    A couple of years ago, as Creative Director at Traction, I developed a non-traditional campaign for the Kent District Library. The goal of this effort was to promote their new eBook checkout system. Hundreds of “downloaded” books were placed around the Grand Rapids area. Every page of the books were blank, except one random page. […]
  • The Film Revolution Has Begun!

    Today is the start of the 2013 Capital City Film Festival. A four-day flick and music extravaganza that takes over the Lansing area. I (as a designer at Traction) was fortunate enough to create the Festival’s promotional materials. The inspiration for this year’s CCFF concept came from the number of protests that I saw march down Michigan […]
  • Yooper Steez Design Tattoo

    Yooper Steez Design Tattoo

    This brave soul loved the “Tree Ring” design that I did for Yooper Steez so much, she decided to make it permanent. This is the first of my designs to ever have been tattooed on human flesh (to my knowledge). I’m not sure if I’m flattered or freaked out.
  • Paulson Sticker On WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

    Paulson Sticker On WWE Friday Night Smackdown!

    This image might be the single greatest moment of my life (sorry, Janice). I’m not sure I can do anything greater than have a Paulson sticker appear on WWE Friday Night Smackdown, which is viewed by 3 million people in dozens of countries. Many thanks to Curtis B. for raising the “rawk hand” of destiny.
  • 2012 Capital City Film Festival

    While at Traction, I made these li’l gems for the 2nd Annual Capital City Film Festival. The poster featured three tear-away handbills that people could pull off of the poster and stick on their fridge to help remind them of the awesomeness yet to come.
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