Calumet Wolverines

Project Details
Apparel Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Research, Typography
Project Description

The Calumet Wolverines are a lasting source of pride and tradition for the small, upper peninsula town of Calumet, Michigan. A hockey legacy that stretches over 100 years and a competitive passion that fuels the town’s population.

The re-design of the Calumet Wolverine’s identity was based on the team’s need to infuse a new energy into the team and its fanbase. Past executions of the brand were inconsistent and riddled with “hometown artwork” that did little to motivate fans.

The logo’s wolverine illustration is an updated version of a past, less refined, drawing. The illustration allows for consistent reproduction and scalability. Adding tertiary logos to the brand, provided the opportunity to display a piece of the team’s history and U.P. pride, while also providing an added platform for merchandising.

The blue and white color scheme stayed true to the Wolverine’s team history. While adding a hint of copper was the perfect way to pay homage to the area’s copper mining tradition.

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